Friday, March 23 2018

How to stop your battery going flat?

Keeping your battery healthy

A battery like many other components within the car requires looking after and maintained. Without doing this it will go flat and die. This means no matter how well you are taking care of your engine, should your battery die then you cant start your engine. In the cold winter weather and conditions. This has a diverse effect on batteries. These conditions can slow down the chemical processes which happen within the battery. In the worst case, there may not be enough current left to crank your engine to even start the car.

Starting the day with a flat battery which is preventing your morning commute is one of the worst ways to begin your day. So a more sensible option is to keep your battery in the best condition during the cold, dark winter months. Dead batteries are the number one causes of breakdown callouts during the winter in the UK. So I've created a list to help all of you guys out. dead-car-battery.png

1) Keep Driving

Batteries are subjected o a peak strain when doing a regular amount of short journeys. As the engine and alternator are not given enough time and the chance to recharge the battery to its previous state. The best option is to try to do some long journeys to give the car a chance to recharge itself. Alternatively, invest in an external battery charger

2) Switch off

All modern cars are packed with energy-sapping tech which if left on will work on draining the battery very quickly. Heaters and lights are the biggest threats to flattening batteries. Although items plugged into USB or 12V supply will also quickly drain the batteries charge. Check all your interior lights, leaving them on overnight could be a costly mistake.

3) Ease The Strain

Depressing the clutch when the engine is turning on can help relieve stress off your car. It reduces the effort needed to start and therefore takes away some of the load on the battery.

4) Check Your Battery

You can do a quick visual check every time you lift up the bonnet to look for any corrosion. Although it is better to get a professional inspection. If you have bought a used car check the manual and make sure the previous owner had the correct battery installed, as a new battery could be a reasonable investment. jumper-cables-926308_960_720.jpg

5) Check Other Battery-related Systems

If you are worried about your battery just get a professional to check the alternator. The starting system and charging systems for the car and battery. If any of these features are acting funny or malfunctioning, this could result in the battery being overcharged, not charged at all or just undercharged. This overall will affect your battery life.

6) Service Your Car

A poorly looked after vehicle can put extra strain on your battery from any uninflated tires. Which can also overwork the engine. A good idea if you have a garage is too keep it inside as warmer temperatures are better for the battery.

7) Know The Warning Signs

Noises like clicks as you are turning the ignition. The dashboard lights going dim or the engine turning over a lot slower than normal are all signs of the battery being flatter than it should be.

8) Don't Persevere

A battery won't magically regain all of its charges by itself. Therefore it fails to start the engine just stop trying. As you will only make it flatter than it already was.Completely flattening a battery damages it.

9) Safety First

If you have broken down it the worst place and it isn't very safe like next to a junction. Just try pushing it to a safer place first before starting to work on it. See if any passers-by will help you push it.

10) Jump Start

In an emergency only you may need to jump start the car. Keep a set of jump leads in the boot and learn how the procedure works.

However, if your car battery isnt flat and is working properly and you are considering selling you car then I would highly reccoment these guys: 150317-F-UP124-005.JPG

Monday, July 10 2017

Jeep Renegade Upland 2017

To stay true to their brand's desire to push all limits and explore the world, Jeep introduces their new Renegade Upland Special Edition; robust and yet still stylish. Now launched all over the UK as of yet, it is expected to be sold at an initial price of £27000.


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Wednesday, May 3 2017

Aston Martin Valkyrie

Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and a few other car manufacturers have come together to produce a mind-blowing creation. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an upcoming sports car. It is also known as the Nebula, and other code names like AM-RB 001, where the AM stands for Aston Martin and RB stands for Red Bull. 001 could be the reference to it being the first collaboration car. The manufacturers aim to give the market a vehicle that will break all previous records of fastest cars. It will be a sporty car with a modern design and will offer a comfortable ride.


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Tuesday, March 14 2017

Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder at Geneva 2017

The all-new Spyker C8 Preliator Spyder has been the talk of the town for its Koenigsegg 592bhp V8. Introduced at the recently held Geneva motor show, no has a 5.0-litre engine in place of the 4.2 litre one its predecessor had. The car comes with a six-speed manual gearbox. The torque production is estimated to be 442lb ft.


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Tuesday, February 28 2017

Finding the value of your car has never been easier!

Ever wondered what the value of your car might be? You do not need to be selling your car to know this. It is a general idea of how much value your asset holds. Usually, the value of a car diminishes over time as it is used. So to hold a value lower than the one it was originally for is a taken. However, you still want to know the exact value. What is my car worth? That is the question.

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Tuesday, December 20 2016

Should I Sell My Car at Auction?


How  can I sell my car in a smart way (learn more here)? Whilst some people choose to take the popular route and sell privately, others are becoming more open the idea of doing things differently. Although car auctions are not a recent thing, they are only now beginning to gain momentum and become more popular as time progresses.

The idea of selling your car at auction may seem a little intimidating at first. Since cars tend to go for a lot more money than items you would usually sell at auction, it can be a little difficult to wrap your head around the whole process.

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Monday, November 21 2016

Why Sell Your Car Privately?

If you are looking to sell your old car then you are probably already aware that selling privately is amongst the most popular options available today. Although it comes with its own challenges and perks, it can be very rewarding if done right. Compared to other options, it requires a lot of effort on your part, which isn’t ideal for everybody. It’s crucial that you don’t go into it unless you are 100% sure it’s the option you are happy with.


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Tuesday, October 25 2016

Flowcell Electric Vehicle to Enter Production

Electric cars seem to be taking the world by storm. With Tesla at the forefront of the movement and various manufactures following in the brands footsteps, it’s becoming clear that EV’s are here to stay. Flowcell has just revealed that its electric vehicle could soon be entering production


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Thursday, July 14 2016

UK’s most dependable car brand revealed

The results are in, and the title of the UK’s most dependable car brand goes to… Skoda. According to the JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey, the Czech carmaker is the most dependable, out of all the manufacturers currently on the UK market.


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Tuesday, July 12 2016

New Jaguar XKSS D-Type to debut in November

The production of new version of Jaguar XKSS will be unveiled in California in mid-November just around the time of the Los Angeles motor show (16-27 November). Jaguar Land Rover Classic boss Tim Hannig says that The XKSS occupied a unique place in Jaguar’s history and will continue to occupy important place. It is a car coveted by collectors the world over for its exclusivity and unmistakable design.


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Monday, June 20 2016

MG: Brand removes MG 6 from UK line-up

It has just been announced that MG has decided to drop the MG 6 from its UK line-up.

Bad news for all you MG fans out there, as the MG 6 will no longer be available in the UK. The brand has made a decision today, to discontinue the vehicle in Britain, because it wasn’t willing to upgrade its diesel engine, to meet with new Euro 6 regulations.


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Wednesday, March 30 2016

Aston Martin to partner up with Red Bull for a new project

It has recently been announced that the British carmaker Aston Martin will collaborate on a new project with Red Bull Racing. Although very little is known about the project at this point, many are wondering what the partnership will result in. Curiosity got the best of us, which is why we’ve decided to take a look at and explore a couple of possibilities.

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