noble06.jpgWhen it comes to UK-produced sports cars, Noble Automotive definitely has to be mentioned. Founded in 1999, the company produced a number of luxurious sports cars throughout the years and although it never reached the status of the likes of Jaguar, it experienced moderate success and produced some memorable vehicles.

Noble M10 was the brands first vehicle. Introduced in 1999, the 2-door convertible was powered by a naturally aspirated 2.5-litere 168 hp engine. It was capable of reaching 135 mph (217 km/h). Only a few M10’s were ever made.

The company’s second vehicle was the Noble M12. It was introduced in 2000 and remained in production for eight years until it was discontinued in 2008. The vehicle was much more powerful than the M10, which perhaps is why it was more successful.

Noble M400 was introduced in 2004. It was universally acclaimed for its fantastic handling and power. The vehicle remained in production until 2007.

Another vehicle by Noble to be introduced in 2004 was the M14 prototype. It debuted at the British Motorshow. The vehicle never went into production however it has been reveal that it was expected to cost about £75,000.

The next vehicle to be introduced by Noble was the M15. It went on sale in 2006 and remained in production until 2011. The company wanted to create a car that was more practical. One that people could drive every day. The vehicle remained sporty and although not much has changed, it still managed to stay fresh and modern.

The company’s latest vehicle was introduced back in 2011 and still remains in production today. The vehicle received mixed reception with many criticising it for its numerous faults. It still remains in production today however buying one could set you back a staggering £300,000. Only 50 units are made annually.

Overall Noble Automotive is a fantastic brand that produced some great vehicles over the years. In the recent years however it has gone a little quiet, not announcing any new models. Only time will tell whether the brand will continue producing great vehicles.