When it comes to British made sports cars, there are many wonderful examples have been produced over the years. Some are better than others however there’s no denying that Britain has given birth to some of the most fascinating sports cars ever to be made.

The manufacturer that we will be looking at today is Ronart Cars. Founded in 1984, the company specialised in bespoke sports racing cars that were often unique and unusual. A lot of the cars produced by the company were meant for the track however throughout the years it has also produced a number of road legal vehicles that were just as unique and exciting as the brand’s track-only models.

Although the brand never received the amount of recognition as some of the other British manufacturers, it has experienced moderate success. Perhaps it doesn’t enjoy the amount of brand recognition as some of its rivals however that’s not really important, especially for car enthusiasts.

The brands very first model, the W152, was launched in 1986 although it has been in the works since 1981. It sported a rather classic design reminiscent of the Formula 1 cars of the 1940’s and 1950’s. Its unique appearance has played a big role in setting the brand apart from its rivals and marked beginning of Ronart Cars.

The company responsible for designing the chassis for the W152 was Spyder Engineering. Known for making chassis for Lotus in the past, Spyder often used a backbone chassis.

As for the body, it was very reminiscent of racing cars of the 40’s and 50’s, with a nose cone housing the grill. It looked rather fascinating and unique, which is what the brand became known for.

A lot of the mechanicals found in W152 were from Jaguar XJ from 1968-1986. It also had no doors or a windscreen however it had two seats.

In 1999, Ronart launched its second vehicle at the International London Motor Show after working on it for only 6 months.

The Lightning V8 concept was received very well and following the show, 24 orders were made for the vehicle.

During the early 2000, further work was done on the vehicle and several changes were made. Its shape has changed form the original prototype as well as a lot of the interior and exterior components.

A lot of exciting features have been included in the Lightning V8 such as heated seats, reversing cameras and sat nav.

The vehicle entered pre-production in 2002 and was expected to go on sale shortly after that however that never occurred.

In 2003, Ronart Cars was sold and the new owners decided to cancel the production on the Lightning V8. Only seven units were ever built all of which were shipped out to their new owners. The remaining people who placed orders for the Lightning V8 were informed about the vehicle’s faith, which unfortunately meant that none of them ever got their hands on the vehicle.

Overall, Ronart Cars produced some fantastic vehicles over the years however for various reasons it never quite caught on and slowly disappeared into obscurity.

It would’ve been nice to see how the brand evolved over time. Would Ronart stick to what it was good at or would it adapt to the ever-changing market and venture into other areas of car manufacturing. We’ll never know.

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