Thursday, July 14 2016

UK’s most dependable car brand revealed

The results are in, and the title of the UK’s most dependable car brand goes to… Skoda. According to the JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey, the Czech carmaker is the most dependable, out of all the manufacturers currently on the UK market.


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Monday, June 20 2016

MG: Brand removes MG 6 from UK line-up

It has just been announced that MG has decided to drop the MG 6 from its UK line-up.

Bad news for all you MG fans out there, as the MG 6 will no longer be available in the UK. The brand has made a decision today, to discontinue the vehicle in Britain, because it wasn’t willing to upgrade its diesel engine, to meet with new Euro 6 regulations.


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Monday, February 15 2016

The worst vehicles produced in Britain

Britain is responsible for numerous great vehicles produced over the years. A couple of weeks ago we’ve put together a list of all the best cars ever to come out of our country. Although a great number of British cars were incredible, some failed to make the same impression. Today we are going to take a look back at the vehicles that made headlines for all the wrong reason. Ware of course talking about the worst British vehicles ever made. Lagonda_01-thumb-gallery.jpg

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Wednesday, January 27 2016

6 of the Best British Cars Ever Produced

Britain is home to many wonderful things. Over the years we have made a name for ourselves across the globe and although we’re not renowned for one specific thing, we’ve done a lot of great things. British cars have played an important role in the early days of vehicles. We are responsible for some of the most memorable and world famous vehicles to ever exist.

Although it’s very difficult to pick just six UK-produced vehicles that we think are the best, we’ve decided to give it a shot. Today we will take a look at some iconic vehicles that shaped the way we travel toady.

We’ve looked all over the internet to see what people were saying and to be fair; we took that into consideration when choosing the vehicles to feature on our list. Let’s get started.

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