The collaboration between Aston Martin and Red Bull, which resulted in the creation of the fantastic-looking AM-RB 001, is far from over as it has been revealed that a track variant is on the way.

Although it hasn’t been long since Red Bull an Aston Martin announced their collaboration, the new AM-RB 001 is about to enter production. Scheduled to be built at the Aston’s Gaydon factory, only 99 units are expected to be produced.

The car hasn’t officially entered production yet, however the announcement that a track variant is on the way will likely go down well with people.

The vehicle sports an intriguing appearance, both modern and futuristic. It’s sleek and bold, yet it has an element of familiarity to it, thanks to Aston’s involvement.

When it comes to hypercars, it’s quite difficult to get the balance just right. If it’s too unusual-looking, you risk it losing its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, people expect a certain level of originality and uniqueness, therefore it needs to feature an element of surprise or it risks becoming too boring and dull.

Aston Martin and Red Bull managed to find that balance, which is apparent when looking at the AM-RB 001. It’s unique enough to stand out yet the elements that Aston is already renowned for, give it an element of familiarity, one that allows the car to stand on its own, whilst working as part of the brand’s range.

Although the track version is expected to remain true to the standard AM-RB 001, it’s expected to be completely different. Bigger wheels and wings are going to be the standout features, however many more differences are expected.

Until the vehicles officially enter production, we won’t know for sure, however we can probably expect both variants to do well once they go on sale, as always the case with limited-edition models.

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