Aston Martin, Red Bull Racing and a few other car manufacturers have come together to produce a mind-blowing creation. The Aston Martin Valkyrie is an upcoming sports car. It is also known as the Nebula, and other code names like AM-RB 001, where the AM stands for Aston Martin and RB stands for Red Bull. 001 could be the reference to it being the first collaboration car. The manufacturers aim to give the market a vehicle that will break all previous records of fastest cars. It will be a sporty car with a modern design and will offer a comfortable ride.


The upcoming sports car is up for competition against Mercedes AMG Project One, McLaren BP23 and is comparable to some models from Audi too. The car was named after the Norse Mythological figure as well as the initial ā€˜Vā€™ continues the series of naming vehicles with the same initial as a sign of remarkable performance. The tradition has continued from 1951. All car specs that are available were released in 2017. The latest press release came out with a few more details of the car. There is still a lot of information that is unknown.

There are many more manufacturers that have taken part in the production of this car. Different manufacturers have taken part in different aspects of the car. These manufacturers include Cosworth, Ricardo, Michelin, Bosch and much more. The standard engine model is expected to provide 1,000 horsepower which is beyond outstanding. A hybrid battery system is also available in the engine that will be designed by Rimac Automobili. Seven speed paddle shift transmissions are expected. Wipac will take care of the car headlights as well as rear lights. Similarly, other manufacturers will contribute differently too.

The car exterior is obviously designed to give a sporty look, but at the same time, it is kept modern. The special feature is the open under floor. It allows the car to reach 1,814 kg of downforce while acceleration. It resembles the Ferrari FXX. The whole car is made of fiber; there is no spec of steel. It is a car worth the wait.

If you thinking: where can I sell my car ? After reading this article, thats mean your gona buy AM Valkyrie.