Although Aston Martin has been around for a very long time, it still makes vehicles today. Not just any vehicles but amazing example of great manufacturing. Through its innovative approach and numerous appearances in James Bond films over the years, the brand was able to build a name for itself.


The vehicle in question today is the 2001 Aston Martin Vanquish. It made its official debut in the early 00’s at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show and it was later featured in the James Bond film, Die Another Day.

The first generation Vanquish was designed by Ian Callum. Although it had a striking resemblance to the DB7 Vantage, it featured a number of elements that made it unique.

Powered by a 5,935 cc V12 engine, the vehicle was capable of reaching a top speed of around 190 mph (206 km/h).

An improved Vanquish, the Vanquish S, was launched in 2004. It featured a number of changes and improvements. It was much powerful that the original Vanquish, with a top speed of 199 mph (321 km/h).

The vehicle remained in production until 2007, which is when the first generation was discontinued. If you thinking about sell your Aton Martin, you might to this online at: or search on internet for car buying services.

In 2012, the second generation Vanquish was introduced. The car received a full makeover and it ditched a lot of the features that made the original Vanquish. Although appearance-wise the car changed greatly, it remained very powerful. The 2014 Vanquish coupe, for example, was capable of reaching a top speed of 201 mph (324 km/h).

A number of special edition Vanquishes were introduced throughout the years, however the original still remained the most popular with customers. The Vanquish remains in production today so if you have enough money and fancy purchasing an extravagant vehicle, the Aston Martin Vanquish will definitely satisfy your needs.