Britain is home to many incredible things, including a number of car manufacturers. Ever since the car industry first began to boom in the UK, carmakers have found ways to produce vehicles that revolutionised the way we travel today.


If you’re familiar with our site then you already know the drill. Every now and then, we take a look back at a British car from the past to find its strengths and weaknesses and to determine whether it was a good vehicle or not.

The car that we will be focusing on today is the Bristol 412. Launched in 1975, the convertible looked quite average and standard however the simplicity of its design worked very well with the overall aesthetic. The 412’s roof could be removed and placed in the large luggage compartment.

Powered by a 5,899cc petrol engine, the car was quite powerful, which went together very well with its appearance.

In 1982, the Bristol Beaufighter was introduced. It was based on the 412, however it featured a four-headlamp layout. Due to the many improvements to the car’s engine over the original 412, the Beaufighter was capable of reaching a top speed of 150 mph (241 km/h). Approximately less than 20 units of the Beaufighter were ever produced between 1982 and 1993.

Another special edition 412 was introduced towards the end of the models production run. Compared to the Beaufighter, the Beaufort was made for the export market only. It was also much more powerful than its predecessors, however the main difference was the fact that the Beaufort was a true convertible with a powered roof. It was slightly more successful than the Beaufighter.

The 412 is a good example of a great British vehicle that looked great and offered a fantastic driving experience.

It’s still popular among enthusiasts today, however due to its collectable status, it can be quite pricey. How much is the car worth exactly, you might wonder? It’s hard to tell as it entirely depends on its condition and specifications.

The Bristol 412 is definitely a great classic vehicle to own so if you’re thinking about purchasing one, you can rest assured knowing that you will get a lot from it.