Over the last couple of months we have looked at a variety of British vehicles from a number of different manufacturers. We’ve looked at a lot of the big manufacturers, however today we want to take a slightly different approach. Instead of focusing on the likes of Jaguar or Rolls-Royce, we are going to take a little look at a brand that’s slightly lesser-known.


Although Caterham was founded in 1973, it never quite experienced the same amount of success as some of its British rivals. The brand is popular to an extent, as it has experienced moderate success, however it doesn’t really have the recognition that some of its competition enjoy.

The vehicle that we are going to take a closer look at today is the Caterham 21. Launched in 1994, the roadster was inspired by the Caterham 7 sports car. It was meant to be a more practical version of the car with similar components but completely different styling.

At first glance the 21 appears to be just another roadster. Its styling is quite standard and it doesn’t have any features that necessarily stand out, however as you begin to take a closer look it becomes clear that the car is a little more unique.

Certain elements from the Caterham 7 can be seen on the 21, however they’re not as distinct or overwhelming. Another car that inspired the 21 was the Lotus Eleven. Quite a lot of the Eleven, shape-wise in particular, can be seen throughout the vehicle.

Due to the car’s unique nature, only 49 were ever built. They all came with variants of the K-Series engine. A choice of either a 1.6-litre or a 1.8-litre version was available, depending on what the customer wanted.

It wasn’t the greatest roadster ever produced, however its charm and quirkiness were enough to make it stand out.

The Caterham 21 remained in production until 1999 and only 49 were ever produced.

Perhaps not the greatest British car ever made, the vehicle is a great example of a lesser-known car that looked great and offered a fun driving experience.

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