It has been revealed earlier this week that the DVLA is working on a new app that would allow drivers to store their licence on their mobile phone.

There’s no denying that carrying around a piece of paper or a card can be frustrating at times. Things get lost, licences get misplaced and before you know it, you find yourself having to pay for a replacement. Could those day about to be over? Possibly, according to various reports from earlier this week. DVLA is said to be working on a new iPhone app that would allow drivers to use their Apple Wallet to store their licence. This would make things much easier for people, as phones are much harder to misplace and nearly everybody has one. It is believed that the iPhone app is being worked on alongside an Android app, which is understandable since there’s a pretty even split of people with iPhone’s and Android phones. Whether this is entirely a good idea remains to be seen. One of the things that would definitely need to be considered is safety. How safe would such an app be? Hacking is always going to be a potential issue, so if the app was to be released it would have to be extremely secure to ensure that personal information remains protected. Another issue that could be argued is, how reliable are mobile phones? Yes, they’re extremely advanced technologically-speaking, however they’re not immune to malfunctions, which is why this all will need to be considered before we can make the official move from paper to mobile. It will definitely be exciting to see how the DVLA chooses to handle this issue. The app is not finished yet so it’s not clear at the moment when it would be introduced, however taking into consideration that driving licence holders would need to be told in advance, we recon the move won’t happen for a while. What do you think about the idea of storing your driving licence on a mobile? Are you a fan of the idea or do you prefer your licence in the paper form? Let us know and come back soon for more car news from the UK.