Electric cars seem to be taking the world by storm. With Tesla at the forefront of the movement and various manufactures following in the brands footsteps, it’s becoming clear that EV’s are here to stay. Flowcell has just revealed that its electric vehicle could soon be entering production


Revealed last year in its concept form, the all-electric 2+2 made headlines and gained a large following of devoted fans. Flowcell took the electric car formula and put an unexpected twist on it that resulted in the appealing yet powerful electric car. More about nanoFlowcell at: http://www.nanoflowcell.com/

Although much hasn’t been revealed about the production version of the EV, the brand is reportedly in talks with multiple leading carmakers, to make the car a reality. All that we know so far is that the manufacturer set to produce the car is not German, which comes a surprise since that’s where Flowcell hails form.

Whether the production version of the car will feature any of the elements showcased on the concept remains unclear; however, it will be interesting to see what the brand has in store for us all.

With electric cars continuing to gain popularity, the time has never been more suitable for manufacturers to introduce new EV’s. Tesla is currently the market leader in the electric car sector, but with a variety of fantastic EV’s on the way, things could quickly change and a shift could potentially happen.

No one knows what the future holds for electric cars, but with many carmakers putting a spin on the classic EV formula, it’s very likely that we’ll continue seeing unique and fresh electric cars being revealed in the years to come.

Electric cars haven’t always been popular with car buyers, so the recent shift is certainly making headlines as it continues to gain momentum.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to sell your old car and consider going electric. With so many wonderful choices out there and more to come, the electric car era is truly in full swing.

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