There are few cars in this world that make you think “I want to sell my car and purchase…” There’s no denying that certain vehicles make people feel certain things. People passionate about sports cars will most likely often fantasize about selling their current car and buying the car of their dreams, however that is rarely possible.


The vehicle that we are going to focus on today has definitely made several people consider selling their car on numerous occasions. We are talking about the Jaguar XK. Launched in 1996, the gran tourer spanned over two generations and remained in production until 2014 before it was replaced with the Jaguar F-Type.

The XK came with a newly developed AJ-V8 engine upon launch, capable of reaching a top speed of 155.4 mph (250.1 km/h). It was a powerful car that throughout its production run came with a variety of different engines, which meant that customers had the option to choose the engine best suited to them, based on their needs.

Although certain elements for which Jaguar is known for made their way onto the car, the XK had its own, unique aesthetic that made it quite appealing to a variety of different customers. It was unique enough to appeal to people who weren’t necessarily fans of the brand, however it was reminiscent enough of the brand’s other cars to keep the interest of previous customers and fans of the brand.

Numerous limited editions of the XK were produced throughout the late-1990’s and early 2000’s, all of which were rather unique in their own way. The first generation XK remained in production until 2006, before it was replaced by the redesigned second generation.

The Jaguar XK (X150) was launched in 2006. It served as the second generation of the XK and remained in production right until 2014, when the XK was discontinued completely.

The vehicle received a slight makeover however it wasn’t until 2009 that the vehicle was given a proper facelift that introduced a number of alterations to front and rear bumpers as well as the car’s lights.

Upon launch, the car came with an improved engine that once again was improved during the 2009 facelift and then another one in 2011.

Similarly to the first generation, a number of special, limited edition versions were produced.

The XK remained in production until 2014, having experienced over 15 years of success.

Although, the XK isn’t Jaguar’s best vehicle, it’s a great example of a slightly modern Jaguar that’s a little less extravagant but still just as great as the brand’s other models.

It’s definitely one of those cars that will make you think about selling your car fast and will leave you thinking “I want to sell my car and buy the XK”.

Today you can get your hands on a used XK for around £50,000, which isn’t too bad considering it’s a great vehicle.

Do you have any thoughts on the XK? Would you purchase one if you had the money? Tell us what you think in the comments section below or drop us a line and share your thoughts.