Sports cars have been around for a very long time. We are used to seeing the likes of Lamborghini and Jaguar, launching new vehicles on a regular basis however today we are looking at a different brand.

Lotus Cars has been around since 1952. It specialises in sports cars as well as racing cars having entered Formula One for the first time in 1958 as Team Lotus.

Lotus Elise was first introduced in 1996 with the original Lotus Series 1 remaining in production for 5 years. The Series 1 Lotus Elise was known for its low weight and its fantastic performance. Not only was it fascinating to look at but it also offered a smooth and exciting driving experience.

The Series 2 Lotus Elise was introduced in 2001. It received some minor redesigns however for the most part it remained the same, still having that familiar Series 1 look. It was much faster and its performance was further improved making it a lot more reliable than the Series 1. Series 2 remained in production until 2011, which is when a facelifted version was launch, which still remains in production today.

A Series 3 was planned, with the concept appearing at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, however there haven’t been any updates on the projects since meaning it most likely won’t be going ahead.

Overall Lotus Elise is a fantastic British sports car that managed to stand out among its rivals.

Hopefully the 2010 Series 3 concept will eventually go into production.