Lotus_Exige_Sport_380.jpg The Lotus Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 mark returning the legendary ‘Sport’ naming designation.Used formerly round the famous Lotus Esprit by using it the Lotus Elise package becomes lighter, plus much more performance-focused. Two decades ago, the Lotus Elise significantly transformed the fancy car world. Setting the benchmark to deal with, chastity in the driving experience, lightweight and efficiency. Over time has enhanced and developed and stays core for Elise’s exceptional performance today. These two new models, the Elise Sport and Sport 220 revive the legendary ‘Sport’ naming designation and so are both worth wearing this badge. Over time, with every improvement for the Elise, we have guaranteed the chastity in the driving experience remains maintained that has been enhanced upon with these two new models, we have taken it onto a higher level.


Both new Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 make the most of a considerable body fat lack of 10 kg, because of the continuing central design philosophy of Lotus lighter & faster. As well as the perpetual pursuit to lessen the weight of constituent parts and possibly remove unnecessary parts altogether. Weighing just 866 kg, the Elise Sport sets a benchmark in school – a fancy car that both fans and beginners for the brand will uncover easy to use to fall deeply in love with. Lightweight, efficient and utterly pure within the driving experience, its handling and quickness in road holding remain the envy of their rivals.

The Elise Sport 220 signifies the best combination of energy and dynamism in the focused performance package. Weighing just 914 kg, with a peak energy of 217 hp & torque of 250 Nm. 0-60 mph is accomplished in just 4.2 seconds, together with a high speed of 145 mph can be achieved. However, it’s once again in vehicle dynamics the Elise Sport 220 works exceptionally well, offering an amount purer driving experience while in comparison for the previous Elise S model, mainly due for the further weight-saving, aided merely with a brand new lightweight sports battery.

2014_Lotus_Elise_S_Club_Racer_1.8_Front.jpg 2014_Lotus_Elise_S_Club_Racer_1.8_Rear.jpg

Lightweight sports seats in leather, Alcantara or classic tartan trim becoming an option certainly are a further symbol of sports intentions. First introduced in 1976 inside the Lotus Esprit S1, tartan interior references an occasion when developing a statement was everything, a concept still central to Lotus’ design philosophy.

Performance & Sport Mode

Sports mode is standard fitment inside the Elise Sport and Sport 220 and improves the understanding further by growing throttle response. Altering traction slip thresholds and eliminating understeer recognition, enabling enhanced control before intervention and offering an amount closer outcomes of driver and machine. Bilstein sports dampers further result in knife-sharp steering feeling and provide elevated feedback within the road. With reduced weight comes elevated efficiency and home loan business fuel consumption. Energy to weight ratio of 155 bhp/tonne for your Elise Sport and 237 bhp/tonne for your Sport 220 the finished result. Fuel consumption is certainly a remarkable 56.5 mpg (extra urban) the Elise Sport and 47.9 mpg (extra urban) for your Sport 220, further cementing Elise’s tag one of the most effective sports cars in the sector. Osaka_Motor_Show_2017__158__-_Lotus_ELISE_SPORT_220.jpg

Alongside body fat loss reduction is home loan business cost. The Elise Sports model is becoming listed at £29,900 while using Elise Sport 220 listed at £36,500. Some classic Elise kit is available any colour you would expect from lotus with rear diffuser in matte black. Lightweight silver or black cast wheels 16” front & 17” rear is standard fitment, and there is an optional upgrade with a forged wheel design that saves yet another 5 kg from the total unladen weight.

The Elise is Lotus’ best model if this involves amounts built, with as much as 32,000 manufactured and offered globally. The Lotus Elise Sport and Elise Sport 220 are available to purchase all around Europe now in 2018 Lotus-exige-s-lf1-c746321052015173812_2.jpg