It has just been announced that MG has decided to drop the MG 6 from its UK line-up.

Bad news for all you MG fans out there, as the MG 6 will no longer be available in the UK. The brand has made a decision today, to discontinue the vehicle in Britain, because it wasn’t willing to upgrade its diesel engine, to meet with new Euro 6 regulations.


Although, the car experienced moderate success throughout its production run, last year only 548 units of the MG 6 sold in the country. Compare that to the 2603 units of the MG 3 sold, and it becomes apparent, why the brand might have chosen to axe the MG6.

Due to the on-going debates about diesel emissions, manufacturers are forced to come up with new way of fuelling their vehicles, or face the consequences. Following the “Dieselgate” scandal, authorities around the globe, began investigating the issue, to put an end to it once and for all.

New regulations, are much stricter compare to what they used to be; therefore, models that were previously following the rules could soon find themselves breaking them.

This is both a good and a bad thing, depending on which way you look at it. Although, it’s a step in a great direction when it comes to the planet and moving towards a more eco-friendly future, it’s also bad news for many carmakers who now have to spend great amounts of money to come up with solutions to the problem.

MG, likely won’t be affected by the move to drop the model from its line-up; however, if you were hoping to get your hand on an MG 6, it could be too late now, unless you purchase it used.

The brand is currently busy in China, where it is focusing on hybrid and electric cars, with its sister brand Roewe. Reportedly, it has no plans of introducing hybrids in the UK anytime soon; however, who knows, perhaps it will happen one day.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Are you sad to see the MG 6 go? Let us know your thoughts, and come back soon for more fun articles from the exciting world of vehilces.