We’re all familiar with modern Range Rover vehicles however today we’re going to journey back in time to take a look back at the very first vehicle released under the now-renowned name.

Range Rover Classic was introduced in 1970 by Land Rover. It was simply known as Range Rover however in the subsequent years it was rebranded as the Range Rover Classic.


The luxury SUV was amongst the first vehicle of its kind and over the years it has paved the way for other, similar vehicles.

By the 1970’s, Land Rover was already a known brand that offered extremely popular off-road vehicles. Although its cars were offered fantastic off-road ability, the brand was never too concerned with luxury. The first Land Rover cars didn’t even have doors unless you’ve paid for them as they were considered an extra. If you would like to sell your Land Rover visit: www.trustedcarbuyers.com, it's quick and without admin fees.

In the 1960’s the brand realised that a new market was emerging for luxury cars with off-road ability. That was when the brand came up with the idea for Range Rover. SUV’s were already becoming popular in the USA and the brand wanted to create a similar vehicle based on its earlier models.

The Range Rover Classic entered production in 1970. It was much more luxurious than the Land Rover, which is exactly what made it stand out. I had a lightweight aluminium body and although it slightly resembled Land Rover cars, it definitely had its own aesthetic.

Between 1970 and 1980 not much has changed about the car apart from a few minor changes to the exterior. Up until 1981, the vehicle only came with a two-door body, however that has changed and the brand kicked off the 1980’s with the introduction of a new four-door body.

In the mid-1980’s the brand began to introduce more luxury features such as leather trims and automatic transmissions. In the early 1990’s, the Classic was modernised.

Originally fitted with a 135 hp (101 kW) 3.5-litre Rover V8 engine, the vehicle went through numerous different engines throughout its life span.

The vehicle proved extremely popular with customers. It offered something that hasn’t been offered before, which elevated both the Land Rover, as well as the new Range Rover, brands to another level.

A number of unique Classic were built over the years. From police and ambulance vehicles to the famous popemobile, the fantastic thing about the Range Rover Classic was its ability to adapt to any situation.

The popemobile, for example, was built for pope John Paul II in 1982. It was a modified Classic that was fitted with a new and improved bulletproof body and windows. The vehicle remains in Vatican to this day and is still ocassionally used.

There’s no denying that the Range Rover classic was a fantastic car that redefined luxury off-road cars forever. It offered something unusual and unique, which kick started the brand’s success. Although the Classic was discontinued in 1996, Range Rover continues producing fascinating cars to this day.

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