Although it’s not as common today, back in the day new car manufacturers regularly emerged resulting in a great number of unique and rare vehicles being produced. Most of the time a brand would only produce vehicles for a short period of time, after which it would disappear. Some cars made a better impression than others however the brand that we are going to be looking at today definitely managed to impress.


We are of course talking about Gilbern Cars. Founded in 1959, the brand was responsible for three different models as well as a concept car, all of which were built between 1959 and 1973, when the brand stopped producing vehicles for good.

In 1959, the Gilbern GT was introduced. It was the brand’s first vehicle and it experienced moderate success throughout its production run. It is believed that around 280 were made, however how many remain in existence today remains unclear.

The GT came with various engines during its 8 year run however upon launch it came equipped with either a 948 cc BMC A-Series engine or a Coventry Climax 1098 cc engine, depending on what the customer preferred.

It remained in production until 1967.

The second vehicle to be manufactured by the brand was the Gilbern Genie. Launched in 1966, the Genie was slightly more upmarket compared to the GT, which perhaps is the reason why only around 197 were made.

Although it looked nothing like the GT, the Genie looked slightly more elegant which worked in its favour. It was an aesthetically-pleasing car that also happened to be quite powerful.

It featured a 2.5 or 3-litre Ford Essex V6 engine to start with however towards the end of its production run the 2.5-litre version was discontinued.

The car remained in production until 1969 and during that same year, the brands final vehicle, Gilbern Invader, was introduced.

Although the Invader had a slight resemblance to the Genie it was a much better vehicle. By the time the Invader was introduced the brand was quite popular, which resulted in the vehicle becoming the brand’s best-selling model with 603 units produced during its shot 4 year run.

The car included a 2,994 cc Ford Essex V6 engine and it remained in production until 1974, which is when the brand stopped manufacturing vehicles.

Apart from its production cars, the brand also built a concept car in 1970. The vehicle was scheduled to appear at the 1971 Geneva Motor Show, however the project was cancelled before even reaching Geneva.

Although Gilbern Cars never experienced the same amount of success as some of the brands from that time that are still around today, it managed to create three magnificent cars that unfortunately didn’t do as well as they could have. How do you feel about Gilbern Cars? Would you purchase one if you had the money? Let us know.