Britain is responsible for numerous great vehicles produced over the years. A couple of weeks ago we’ve put together a list of all the best cars ever to come out of our country. Although a great number of British cars were incredible, some failed to make the same impression. Today we are going to take a look back at the vehicles that made headlines for all the wrong reason. Ware of course talking about the worst British vehicles ever made. Lagonda_01-thumb-gallery.jpg

Jaguar X-Type Although the first vehicle on our list isn’t necessarily the worst British car ever made and has it been built by any other brand it wouldn’t be included, the fact that it was produced by Jaguar cannot be overlooked. The Jaguar X-Type was introduced in 2001. Although the reviews that it got were rather mixed, there’s no denying that it isn’t the most fascinating vehicle. Due to the fact that Jaguar has been around for a very long time, we expect its vehicles to be of a certain standard. The brand has proved over the years that it’s capable of producing incredible cars, which makes the X-Type even worse in our eyes. The brand dropped the ball of the X-Type, however this failure had no long-lasting effects on Jaguar’s reputation.

1958 Lotus Elite The next vehicle on our list is the 1958 Lotus Elite. It was the first car to use the name, which later reappeared in the mid-1970’s. Although the vehicle looked incredible, its fiberglass monocoque construction proved problematic. Even though the vehicle experienced great success as a racing car, the 1958 Lotus Elite is a great example of a good idea ruined by poor execution.

Triumph Stag The Triumph Stag is another vehicle that failed to impress. Introduced in 1970, the British sports tourer left people feeling disappointed. Although the vehicle looked impressive its performance left a lot to be desired. Known for its engine problems, the vehicle often broke down leaving owners unimpressed. The Stag is a good example of a vehicle that looks good but is let down by its performance. After all when you purchase a car you expect it to work.

 Aston Martin Lagonda  Aston Martin is known for being James Bond’s car of choice. Having appeared in numerous films over the years, the brand is one of the most popular carmakers on the planet. In 1976 however, Aston Martin built the atrocity known as Lagonda. Not only was the vehicle ugly but it also didn’t offer anything special performance-wise. It’s often considered to be the worst Aston Martin ever made however it could potentially be one of the worst vehicles ever to come out of the UK.

Do you agree with us? Which British vehicles do you consider to be the worst? Let us know and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more fun articles about cars.