Top Gear has returned with new host, but viewers are not quite enjoying the news show, with rating dropping by a third for the second episode.

What once was one of the biggest automotive-themed TV shows on the planet, is slowly becoming just another show that nobody wants to watch.

Following the announcement that the original hosts would be replaced, the internet and media went wild, threatening to boycott the show.

Unfortunately, the BBC went ahead with the new format, leading many to criticise the network and accusing it of ruining the show.

Following the premiere a couple weeks back, the show was panned by critics, with many calling out Chris Evans in particular, for being boring and failing to entertain.

By the time the second episode aired, the rating have dropped, with many opting not to continue supporting the show.

Although, host Matt LeBlanc was praised for his approach, Chris Evans was universally panned for his hosting skills.

Earlier this week, he was pictured drinking in the street, following numerous comments claiming that ratings are not important.

It’s not clear whether the BBC will continue producing the show following this season; however, it’s quite unlikely that the new Top Gear will get renewed.

The host of the original show, have signed a deal with Amazon, to appear in a new motoring show called The Grand Tour.It’s scheduled to premiere later this year and it will compete with the current Top Gear.

It’s pretty clear that many will compare the two shows, and judging from the reactions the new Top Gear has gotten so far, the bar hasn’t been raised to high, so The Grand Tour has a real chance of succeeding.

The decision to fire the original hosts, came after Jeremy Clarkson had a disagreement with the network, after which he was fired. The other two presenters, left the show, and the three were approached by Amazon shortly after.

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