The results are in, and the title of the UK’s most dependable car brand goes to… Skoda. According to the JD Power UK Vehicle Dependability Survey, the Czech carmaker is the most dependable, out of all the manufacturers currently on the UK market.


The survey was reportedly completed by 13,000 of car owners across the UK, with vehicles between 12 to 36 months old.

Skoda came out on top, with the least problems reported. It doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, as the brand is quite popular in the UK. Known for its affordable, yet reliable vehicles, the brand is among the biggest European manufacturers.

Although Skoda managed to win the title, other manufactures to have scored nearly as well, include the runner-up Suzuki and Kia, which came third.

Unfortunately for Land Rover, the brand was at the very bottom of the survey, with the most problems reported, out of all the cars in the running.

Audi and Dacia, also failed to score high marks, both ending up near the bottom with Land Rover.

Although, the result might not necessarily reflect the views of the majority of UK’’s car owners, they give us a little insight into the world of cars.

Reliability is one of the main features that many look for in car. Simply buying a vehicle because it looks decent, no longer does it for many people. Car buyers want their vehicles to last, which is becoming apparent now more than ever before.

With so many cars to choose form, there have never been as many options before. People no longer have to settle for a car just because it’s within their price range. If you don’t like the vehicle you’re interested in, you can simply choose form a number of other cars with a similar price tag.

Skoda will likely remain popular with British car-buyers for years to come, so the survey might actually do it some good.

Although, it didn’t necessarily produce the most accurate results, the survey’s result make for an interesting read.

What do you think about Skoda? Are you a fan of the brand, or do you disagree with the survey? Tell us about your experiences, and come back soon for more articles about cars from the UK.