If you are looking to sell your old car then you are probably already aware that selling privately is amongst the most popular options available today. Although it comes with its own challenges and perks, it can be very rewarding if done right. Compared to other options, it requires a lot of effort on your part, which isn’t ideal for everybody. It’s crucial that you don’t go into it unless you are 100% sure it’s the option you are happy with.


When selling your car privately, you are responsible for all the work. From positing adverts online, to making sure that all paperwork is correct and ensuring that you get paid, you must be prepared to take care of all those things.

Although selling privately requires more effort on your part than selling to a dealer, it will also get you more cash for your car. Since the person you are selling it to is buying the vehicle for themselves, they don’t have to make a profit selling it on, unlike a dealer. This is one of the main perks of selling a car privately, one that many people are greatly enticed by.

Since there are no specific rules to selling your car privately, it’s crucial that your conduct plenty of research beforehand, in order to ensure that things run smoothly. Safety should always remain your priority so if anything seems a little too good to be true, it probably is and you should walk away.

Depending on your needs and requirements, as well as what you are looking to get out of the whole process, you can make an informed decision about which options are best suited for you. Selling privately can be extremely rewarding, so think carefully before starting the process as it’s always better to go into it prepared.

Selling your old car has never been easier, and with some many options out there it can be done by virtually anyone. If you’re thinking about selling privately, be sure to conduct plenty of research and only enter the process once you’re satisfied that you are ready for the commitment. If you play it smart you can rid yourself of your old car and have extra cash in your account in no time.